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Mandy Muffin's Blog – December 2012 Archive (15)

New Years Eve Resolutions


Most people have made them in their lifetimes. I quit smoking cold turkey on New Year's Eve, Midnight, December 31, 1982. The resolution took, as I used sunflower seeds to sooth my craving for a smoke. I have made it to 73 yeas of age so far, but I do need an inhaler for my infrequent bouts of bronchial asthma. Who knows if the smoking cessation helped?



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Walking away from work

In happier economic times, many folks reached a day when they were able to walk away from work due to a decision that they made.  I made mine 15 years ago during this same year end period.  After a 32 year career with the General Electric Company, I requested a retirement offer at age 57 and got my wish.  

As it was, I had burned the mortgage on my suburban…


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Two pledges to end US fiscal problems

Fighting over money is probably as old as the first time it was used as an instrument to replace bartering.  Some organizations have carried the fight to the extreme, as factions grew to take one side or another of the "butter-guns" issue or the "social services-taxes" issue that consumes America today.  

Do we have a revenue problem or a spending problem in…


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Calling all angels

Dear Jesus, the world you tried to save is a mess.  But how much could you do, as you were a victim yourself?  Nobody would listen to a simple message of "peace on earth and good will toward men."  It's seems to be a lot more satisfying to hate people who don't agree with you and try to kill them if you can or even die trying.  We  have entire nations dedicated to the…


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It's snowing out!

I have just traveled 1,000 miles to see it and it's here this morning.  But why?  I have seen enough snow to last a lifetime, including spending 3 weeks in Antarctica where I was told 90% of the world's snow and ice is located.  But each of the past 14 years I have left the comforts of a South Florida home to make the trek to my other home in the Cincinnati, Ohio area…


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Is the American Dream Over?

I recent read an article that reduced the American dream to six elements: owning a home, owning a car, providing education for your children, having health care insurance, going on a vacation at least once a year and providing for your retirement. I don't quibble with these goals but I do get concerned that that…


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Madness at Newtown

Like most of America and other parts of the world, I am saddened that a 20 year old man/boy decided to take guns from the family home and destroy 28 lives, killing children and adults at the local grade school.   Now I lived in Connecticut for a number of years and know the area and the people there.  My brother still lives a few miles from the site of the…


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Dorothy, you are not in Kansas any more

A recent incident is in the news about a former US military man who took a hunting rifle into Mexico and was immediately arrested with the authorities claiming it was oversize.  According to the story, the rifle was checked by US authorities as being allowable under Mexican law but he was arrested anyway and has spent a couple of months in a Mexican jail.   I would…


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Mommy Porn

I read books.  My count is well over 150 per year as my latest tally for 2012 is 156 so far.  I just added my latest entry, "Wallbanger" by Alice Clayton.  http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/15858248-wallbanger  Now this is not the usual genre that consumes me.  My last read was "Winter of the…


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The end of the world???

I took my Mayan calendar down from the wall yesterday.  I want to keep it close so I can follow the days to the end of the world.  It's coming on December 21, so I am told.  There is controversy as the Mayans have not survived to tell us what they…


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Let's really tax the rich

Right now the main issue between Republicans and Democrats on the fiscal cliff negotiations is raising the maximum tax on regular income from 35% to 39%.  Obama is on record as having agreed that it made no difference to him if it were done by closing loopholes but now insists it has to be an adjustment in the rate. This was a key election promise by him.   OK, on the…


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Is work a four letter word?

It's Monday morning and I am not going to work.  I have been saying that for 15 years, as I took early retirement back in 1997.  But since the curse of Eve, mankind and womankind has been forced to do labor  as a sort of punishment. At least that is the Biblical version.  Most of us labor because we want to be able to afford a good life. Others labor because that's the…


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Is winning overrated?

Over the years just about every American has had drilled into their heads the "joy of victory and the agony of defeat" as a measurement of their life.  We are thought that winning is everything and to the victor goes the spoils.  But is this the best outcome?  

I was a negotiator for a part of my life, where I was put into daily situations where outcome was…


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O Christmas Tree

Is it a Christmas Tree or a Holiday Tree?

This was an issue that rose it's ugly head in Rhode Island recently, as Governor Lincoln Chaffe refused to call it a Christmas Tree as he considered the term politically incorrect.  He called it a "Holiday Tree." …


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Kunming Freedom

As the Japanese were bombing Pearl Harbor, in western China some Americans had been fighting to save that country for a couple of years.  Here  is my version of their story:

I had occasion to spend  a month in China about 12 years ago in a cultural exchange program, as I attended universities there and studied the culture.  My favorite city was Kunming, where I…


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