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Is it a Christmas Tree or a Holiday Tree?

This was an issue that rose it's ugly head in Rhode Island recently, as Governor Lincoln Chaffe refused to call it a Christmas Tree as he considered the term politically incorrect.  He called it a "Holiday Tree."  http://www.conservativedailynews.com/2012/12/rhode-islands-ongoing-...

Now I found the incident ironical because of the following inconsistencies:

--I was raised in Rhode Island and at the time it was the most Christian state in America, with the predominance of the population being Protestant or Catholic.  I went to a parochial school there.

--Rhode Island was founded as a religious colony by Roger Williams, a Baptist minister, who called the state, "The State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations."  The capital is Providence, which is God's name.  

--The term "holiday" really means "holy day" so how does this term make the tree politically correct?  

--Christmas Day is a national holiday in America and all 50 states. President Obama lit a Christmas Tree at the White House in Washington DC.  No other state calls it a "Holiday Tree."  Should we not celebrate Independence Day as it may make some people of British ancestry angry?  Look at the stink that was raised when one state was not willing to accept Martin Luther King Day!  Are we going to rename every city and town in America that has a religious name? 

I have all the respect in the world for non-Christians and spent some time in my life working in a Jewish ownership retail establishment.  In fact, most of my customer took me for Jewish and I never corrected the misconception.  We sold Christmas trees. 

I also know plenty of agnostics and atheists. I would never try to sell them religion or convince them that their belief system or lack there of is wrong.  Should we have a Darwin Day for them?  Some others might not believe in Thanksgiving but let's go with the flow.  

I welcome all opinions on this subject.  America is a great place because people can disagree.  It is not Kunming, China.  (You have to have read my prior blog to get the connection.) 

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