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The Valentine Dedication Countdown Begin-Eth.

Some of you know that I DJ at a local radio station. Every year, I invite all TBD'ers to request a song (and dedication, if desired) to their own hunka hunka burnin' love that I can play on the air during the VD show, which will be Sunday, February the 12th. You and yer sweetie can listen in, live on the internet, or wait until I've archived the broadcast and posted it here. It's free, it's romantic and is generally better than anything on TV that night.

(BTW - VD =…


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Well I'm not actually on the road again, yet. I was going to be tomorrow but, when I had the jeep modified to tow behind the RV, the shop got in a hurry putting it back together and didn't. I did not know this until Fri. They finished it about an hour after the shop's normal closing time Wed. I picked it up and noticed on the way back to the RV park that the left turn signal wasn't acting right. Sure enough, when I got back to the site and checked it the left front turn signal wasn't working.… Continue

Added by CWO3ROBBIE on November 29, 2009 at 8:07pm — 3 Comments

Mali and the Monster

Every night Steve and I take Mali to the green way. The green way is a 17-mile walking park. In between the trails, we walk and the return course there is a large field and today there were tractors racking and bailing hay. Mali loves going to go to the green way. She has many friends there, who often walk with us in a pack as we travel our three-mile route. One day when Mali was 7 months old, no one from the pack was on the Green Way with us, it was just Mali, Steve, and I in my wheel chair;… Continue

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Love Can Destroy

I was on Facebook, as I am just about everyday, and they have a way of suggesting a friend you should invite. I noticed a name came up, and it really caught my attention.(it usually is someone that one of your friends has listed as a friend) This time it was very different. It was a man that I had communicated with over 5 years ago as a friend. He and I were friends, and it had possibilities of heading in a romantic direction, but he met someone that he just loved and adored with all his heart.… Continue

Added by blondie 11 on August 23, 2009 at 9:42am — 6 Comments

Now, it is time for something completely different. Nothing Not Nothingness

I could listen to this guy all day and night. Perhaps we all need a bit of perspective. Of course this is not/nothing for everybody, just the chosen ones.… Continue

Added by Grace Linda on August 21, 2009 at 5:40pm — 2 Comments


Check out what wikipedia has to say about our fear mongering heritage.


Added by Grace Linda on August 21, 2009 at 5:02pm — 4 Comments

Just another day in paradise

After a day of getting a lot of calls from family and friends and hearing all the gripes and complaints, I realized just how much time is spent on the negative - thinking about it, talking about it. It becomes a major force in our lives. Now sure, if you lose your job it's going to weigh heavily on you. Perfectly normal. But we seem to latch onto ALL the negative...

Someone cut me off on the road, someone bumped their cart into mine in the grocery story, someone cut in line in front… Continue

Added by Ciana Stone on August 16, 2009 at 4:51am — 6 Comments

Love Is The Answer?

Hey New Guy. Welcome to the war zone. How was OCS?

Did you say "Love Is The Answer?"

Someone said that long ago, and they killed him. His name was Lennon.

It was just another practical joke,

Uninspired, without humor, and o-so very Symbolic.

If you aren't angry

then you haven't paid attention.

If you can't pay attention,

you really don't belong here.

And they've dimed you out already.

A plane will crash when a series of… Continue

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Alias Hossein Barfaroosh looks like a butterfly to me . . . .

So I have this app on my My Page [my My Page - my my oMy] - anywayz, where was I?

Oyeah, it's a beta version of World News or something. I was looking for information on the DC shooting of yesterday, July 15, 2009, since I missed the news last night. Why did I miss the news last night? Well, it seems someone seemed to labor under the misconception that I must be some sort of TOY or something, but never mind.

Like I keep sayin',

I ain't playin' . . .

Anywayz… Continue

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On the Trail: Jack Kerouac in Cheyenne, Wyoming

BCM presents a Kaeru Pictures Production


Plot Outline: Jack Kerouac’s “On the Road” is a classic American literature work. Kerouac writes about his experiences in Cheyenne, Wyoming during “Wild West Days” on his way to Denver via Longmont.

“The stars seemed to get brighter the more we climbed the High Plains. We were in Wyoming… Continue

Added by Alan O'Hashi on July 13, 2009 at 6:57pm — No Comments

Coming over to this group from TBD

Hi - I was on the first Tee Bee Dee site. Recently, I got the Message of Doom - entitled
Message from RobinWolaner: A Message I Didn't Want to Send. I thought TBD was doing great! I am sorry that the group has to end there, but glad it is starting here. I will try to re-join the groups I was already in and do my profile too. I plan to be proactive about adding friends this time.

It's a lot more fun with friends!

Added by Elizabeth Sheppard on July 5, 2009 at 11:51am — No Comments

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