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Hey New Guy. Welcome to the war zone. How was OCS?
Did you say "Love Is The Answer?"
Someone said that long ago, and they killed him. His name was Lennon.
It was just another practical joke,
Uninspired, without humor, and o-so very Symbolic.
If you aren't angry
then you haven't paid attention.
If you can't pay attention,
you really don't belong here.
And they've dimed you out already.

A plane will crash when a series of errors
that in and of themselves are harmless
and so most often go unnoticed -
yet when they overlap in concert
the music spells D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R.
And that's what we have here -
flaws of institution.
They've dimed you out already.

I don't need to pay attention.
I've got this Stimulus Response thing goin' on.
You could use a helmet.
Here take mine, I don't really need it, they always miss.
They always miss because they can't afford to hit the target.
Too expensive.
They didn't tell ya, did they.
It's supposed to be a Holding Action
and no one needs to know.
Don't worry 'bout the helmet.
I'm sure I'll get it back.
You won't be here long.

In the mean time here's a stone.
Maybe you can use it.
I'm sure that I'll find more.

© D. Winter
August 15, 2009

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