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and Cowboys

An urban cowboy circles
looks like someone stole his cue,
now he's lookin' kinda lost.

I'm sure he knows just Who
but not quite What to do -
he hasn't got a clue.

So much for tough guy eyes.
Then his girlfriend points away
behind me to the left -

body on the pavement
red lights at the curb
and they both go to gawk.

The body lays right there
near where Laura once was seen
for one last time alive.

The red lights pull away
a caravan of lights
and there goes Animal Control . . .

Which dog's been fed today?
Who has done the feedin'?
Which dog's been fed today?

A woman passes by
"I think we might get caught . . ."
Well I just want the boss.

I've got a rusty spoon,
a hundred little questions . . .

. . . and I plan to take my time . . .

© D. Winter
August 12, 2009

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Tags: american, and, cowboys, dissent, lights, poetry, red


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