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After a day of getting a lot of calls from family and friends and hearing all the gripes and complaints, I realized just how much time is spent on the negative - thinking about it, talking about it. It becomes a major force in our lives. Now sure, if you lose your job it's going to weigh heavily on you. Perfectly normal. But we seem to latch onto ALL the negative...

Someone cut me off on the road, someone bumped their cart into mine in the grocery story, someone cut in line in front of me ... and on and on. Okay, yes, it happens ... but come on, that's nothing to focus on. Negative begets negative. I think we should be like the old song ... "you gotta accent the positive, eliminate the negative, hang on to the affirmative..."

I've reverted back to old habits. When my children were young and in school, they'd jump in the car at the end of the school day and bitch a blue streak about all the stresses of their day. I'd let them get it out and when they started to cycle around back to the beginning, I'd interrupt with "okay, now tell me something good that happened."

Nowadays I'm trying that technique with adults. Let's face it, if our minds are focused on the positive, we're happier, healthier and a LOT more pleasant to be around. Positive lifts us up. Negative drags us down. And given the choice, who wouldn't want to have more smiles and less frowns?

I have a lot to be grateful for and a lot to smile about. For example, I'm able to sit on my patio, watch the sun rise and NOT have to turn on the fan because it's a nice pleasant morning. Without the fan I can hear the birds and insects, the leaves of the oak tree rustle slightly in the tiny breeze and even the drip of water that plunks off the eaves and hits the patio. My honey man is sitting beside me, chuckling over something he's read in the morning paper and he made me the best cup of coffee on the planet. Definitely things to smile about:)

So, today, I'm asking all the folks in my life to tell me one thing that's positive about their lives. Today is share a smile day in my world. I hope it is for you, too!

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Comment by Ciana Stone on August 17, 2009 at 3:38am
Buck up Buttercup:) Oh I love that!!! You guys are wise and wonderful:) Starting my day with that as one of my positive thoughts:)
Comment by stillgoing on August 16, 2009 at 6:57pm
Constant negativity is a downward spiral....some can't pull out of it. People just need to realize **it happens and move on...sometimes there's a bunch of it close together but often times it was your prior decisions or actions that got you to that place. Buck up Buttercup and get over it. How can you may your future better is the attitude. People who do the oh woe is me thing are so boring.
Comment by Linda Komondy on August 16, 2009 at 5:14pm
Sure bad things happen, but you don't have to be negative. Its'a choice!! When something bad happens I just remind myself that it could have been worse and give thanks for being alive, healthy, employed, loved ... the list goes on. Start each day with a positive thought and it sets the tone for the whole day!
Comment by Ciana Stone on August 16, 2009 at 1:59pm
You gals are fabulous!! I feel like I finally met the right people online!! How exciting - a sisterhood of "keeping it positive" right here on tbd:)

Hugs to all!!!
Comment by Firebug510 on August 16, 2009 at 1:38pm
Thanks Ciana, what a wonderful reminder of what is important and it is not negativity. I try not to listen to negativity because it just brings me down. So I always ask people to tell me at least two good things for every negative. You would be amazed at how that turns a conversation around. I also realized that some negativity is ok as long as you don't waller in it for prolonged periods of time. Set a time limit and move on if you are having negative thoughts about something. Anyway, just my two cents. Have a wonderful day everybody!
Comment by Ciana Stone on August 16, 2009 at 8:35am
I like your friend's attitude:) And hope you find yourself thinking of postive things and finding lots of moments to smile about today. Why not declare it a "be good to me" day and just put everything aside except for what makes you feel happy and relaxed? Heck, all the "stuff" can wait. Be good to yourself today. That's my goal for the day!!



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