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Color me late to the party. Life has been hectic and I just now read the news that TBD is closing. Well, pooh! But hey, the good news is that we're here - and it's the start of something new.

I'm big on starting something new and this year seems to be the time for it. I've been writing erotic romance for the last three years and while it's great fun, there are times I itch to write something with less erotic and more plot. Well, be careful what you ask for, right? A backer appeared in the form of someone wanting to start up a small press and asked me to be the guinea pig. I said sure -- as long as I don't have to run on one of those little wheel things or get stuck by anything sharp:)

So now I have an urban fantasy on the market, A new beginning in a different genre. Intimidating but exciting.

Kinda like the new P90x workout I'm attempting to master. Now there's a new beginning that packs a punch!!

Hope you're all enjoying the fresh start on a new site and will have a fantastic 4th of July weekend. If the sun ever comes out I'm going to take advantage of the holiday and lounge on my new pool float! Yep, I would buy it the day before the monsoon season:)

Happy July and congratulations on the new site for tbd'ers!!

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Comment by Madhatterat60 on July 2, 2009 at 11:35am
KUDOS!! It's great getting something published. Nothing else quite like it.



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