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Internet Church Service –– May 14, 2017


Today’s Sermon Message:

The Doctrine of Heaven. Part 11.

HD Video…

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Let's see, It's been 17 days since the last Blog.

Ok, left Russell, Kansas and RRC's Antique shop on the morning of the 14th.

Rolled into the Air Force Academy RV Park that eve.

The 15th through 17th was spent getting reaclamated to the altitude and finding my way around Colorado…


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Ning Changes

Ning will be down Tuesday July 20th so they can switch to the new plan.

They say the network will be down from 9:00am till approximately

11:00am PDT. We all know how these thing go so it may run longer. They

scheduled it at that time so all hands would be on hand to help.

Over thelast couple of months there have been many questioned and concerns

discussed about the direction of Ning and more directly how they will

affect TBD. We stilldon't have all the answers,… Continue

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My Sister

That old woman called today. I guess it was just to be nice( she has always been so sweet and nice). She has been doing lots and entertaining and thinking pure thoughts. She has house guest, and had 10 people over for her perfect dinner party last night.(have I mentioned she has never worked a day outside the home and has the perfect husband). She asked me to meet her in New York the day after Christmas. She and her husband and going up tp visit with our Uncle and his wife. She has always stays… Continue

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The NRA has Friends! Ha-ha! Yes they do . . .

Hey everyone. This seems kinda strange, I mean, I dunno. Maybe it’s not. Maybe it’s just normal and I don’t know what normal really looks like. Ha-ha! Ya. It’s possible. Maybe I don’t. So I dunno. You tell me what you think.

Well, did you hear about the letter I sent off to the NRA? I did, I sent them a letter protesting the protesters in Arizona who showed up outside a hall where the President was speaking. It seems…

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Endings and Beginnings

Color me late to the party. Life has been hectic and I just now read the news that TBD is closing. Well, pooh! But hey, the good news is that we're here - and it's the start of something new.

I'm big on starting something new and this year seems to be the time for it. I've been writing erotic romance for the last three years and while it's great fun, there are times I itch to write something with less erotic and more plot. Well, be careful what you ask for, right? A backer appeared… Continue

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