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That old woman called today. I guess it was just to be nice( she has always been so sweet and nice). She has been doing lots and entertaining and thinking pure thoughts. She has house guest, and had 10 people over for her perfect dinner party last night.(have I mentioned she has never worked a day outside the home and has the perfect husband). She asked me to meet her in New York the day after Christmas. She and her husband and going up tp visit with our Uncle and his wife. She has always stays around and helped with things in the church, but this year, she is going visiting. I can not go because I have responsibilities at a large chain hotel. I know she loves me, and I am just so mad tonight. I just wish she had not told me. I have vented now. I should delete this. But it just shows how perfect people, even family members, that love you, can make you jealous. Her husband is nice and she has 3 perfect children. Boy, do I dislike her tonight.----not really

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Comment by Stir Young on December 17, 2009 at 7:38am
In my opinion, I'm the only perfect one in my family.



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