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Well I'm not actually on the road again, yet. I was going to be tomorrow but, when I had the jeep modified to tow behind the RV, the shop got in a hurry putting it back together and didn't. I did not know this until Fri. They finished it about an hour after the shop's normal closing time Wed. I picked it up and noticed on the way back to the RV park that the left turn signal wasn't acting right. Sure enough, when I got back to the site and checked it the left front turn signal wasn't working. "Bulbs burned out", I thought. The place that did the work was scheduled to be closed from Wed. until Mon. So Fri. I went to the Jeep Dealer to get a bulb, and find out how to get too the bulb, since I tried but had no luck. While at the dealer's parts department we discovered that the turn signal had been disconnected. In order to reconnect you have to take the grill out and loosen the fachia. This involves removing and replacing rivets. I do not have the tools to do any of this. So, I will be sitting at the door when the shop opens at 8:00 Monday morning. Guess I'll be up when the sun comes up in the morning. The forcast is for rain tomorrow and Tuesday, so I may not get on the road again until Wed. I did spend most of the day today getting ready. If things go smoothly tomorrow, i should be on the road no later than Wed. I will be heading back across LA, MS, and the FL panhandle. From Livingston I'll probably take Texas 146 down to Liberty where I'll pick up US 90 and take it to Beaumont where I'll hit I-10.
Whadda ya think Pru?
Pru is my navigator around this area of Texas. She's a hell of a lot better than Nellie, my GPS girl. Pru outshines Nellie in many areas.
I hope to spend the first night somewhere around Lafayette or Breaux Bridge. I want to visit with Kathie A. if she can manage it. I would like to meet anyone else in that area or any where along my route. I have no set schedule so I intend to just stop where ever I am when it is around 4:00 pm. I am interested in meeting as many tbders as possible. So far I have met 31. Witchy, I know you are somewhere in that area. Kainsworth aren't you somewhere along there? My next planned stop is at the Gulfport, MS Naval station. Then I hope to meet Powergirl at Pascagoula, MS. I will spend a couple days in the Pensacola area. I have a childhood best friend who lives in Milton, FL. He is in bad health and I do want to visit him. Will also probably hit the commisary, PX, and Class six on the Naval station there. From Pensacola I may wander on over to Panama City and spend a nite or two at Tyndall AFB. I've never been there but hear it's nice. At that point I'll have to decide whether to motor on around the coast( I would like to go through Apalachicola. There isn't much there, but it is fun to say. Just kind of rolls off the tongue,
AP A LATCH A COLA) or go back up to I-10 and over to I-75. Down through Gainsville, Ocala, and stop in the area of "THE VILLAGES/LADYLAKE. That is a big retirement area and Escapees has a park just down the road at Bushnell, FL. At that point I will have to make up my mind whether I want to go to Tampa/MacDill AFB or back over to Cocoa Beach/Patrick, AFB. All of that should put me at my destination around the 14th of Dec. I will then figure out where to store the RV. Happy and I will head for VA around the 18th.
Plan to leave VA on the 29th to head back to FL. Will probably be on the road New years eve. Anybody in SC, GA, or FL want to throw a new years party for me?

Well, there you have it. My plan for the next month. We'll see how it works out. I'll try to blog along the way as things evolve. No new pictures this time. Well, Maybe one.

PRU and HAPPY at Sam's place. Maybe two

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Comment by blondie 11 on December 7, 2009 at 9:44am
Pru is MS Texas waiting to be found. This lady is gorgous.
Comment by larry kremis on November 30, 2009 at 6:59am
Thanks for posting Robbie. I enjoy travelling with you whenever I remember to check the front page. Wow, you met Pru, that's at the top of my bucket list. She's so much better looking than her avatars, she's obviously not old enough to be a tbd member.

We're on the PA/OH border Robbie, 2 miles north of I-80 whenever you're in the area.

Happy trails!
Comment by CWO3ROBBIE on November 29, 2009 at 8:50pm
Pru, I noticed that. And the hair! Do you have long hair?



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