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This eve we are at the Lafayette, LA KOA. It is really located at Scott, LA, Exit 97 off I-10. But since nobody outside of Scott knows where Scott is, they call it the Lafayette KOA. Look it up on Google.
When the weather is nice this is a really great campground. As a matter of fact, When the weather is very unnice (Notice I didn't say shitty. Aren't you proud to be associated with such a nice clean living young man?) it still is a very nice campground. It has concrete pull thru sites. One of the first things you learn when RV ing is; wading mud in the rain while hooking up to the electrical connections is not the epitome of camping joy. I only drove 200 miles today. Most of that was through pouring rain. I had been to this campground before and was tired of driving, so when the rain slackened a bit and I found that I was near Lafayette and Breaux Bridge I decided to stop. As soon as I checked in and got to the site I took Happy for a walk. He had not been out of the RV since we left Livingston, TX.
If you you are old enough to be part of tbd, and drive the Interstates today, one of the first things you will notice is that rest stops are going the way of the dinosaurs. Even the LA welcome center is closed. Anyway, at that time there was still a lull in the rain so i got the electric and water hooked up and fixed something to eat.
About that time it started to pour rain again. And the wind picked up. That made me realize that I had not turned the propane on. Then Happy started jumping up and down and turning circles. This usually means his water dish is empty. But, when I looked there was still water in it. So, I figured that he wanted to go out again. I donned rainwear and out we went. Sure enough he had to do the two Ps again. I got the propane turned on and we will now have heat tonight. The reason I forgot to turn it on is; turning it off when I travel is a new method of operation. Since I started traveling by RV, I have always left the propane on while motoring down the road. That way I don't have to worry about the food in the freezer thawing. The RV boot camp that I attended a couple weeks ago included videos of RVs having blow outs that severed propane lines that then caused the RV to catch on fire and become a lump of chared refuse in the road. I now turn the propane off while driving. That is another problem with the rest stops being closed. I had planned to stop at rest stops and start the generator to run the refrigerator and keep the food frozen.
I just checked and the freezer compartment still has frost on the walls, so I'm probably all right. It is still pouring rain. I was going out to have cajun seafood at Fezzo's but I may just stay in the RV and eat microwave. However, Happy's food is in an outside compartment and he is now turning his food dish over and batting it around, so I guess "its out into the rain again".
I called Kathy Arlean and left her a voice mail. Maybe I'll get to see her tomorrow. I know witchy and someone else live in this area, but don't know how to contact them since they seem to have forsaken tbd.
If you want to see the campground google it. I won't bother to try to post pictures. It is now five thirty and dark as a dungeon. Ahh, That was a great Joan Biaz Song. Part of my youth.

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Comment by Kittycat on December 3, 2009 at 1:46pm
Glad to see your out of the rain & tucked into your RV for the night. Now rest and Happy, go to sleep!! :)
Comment by CuppaJoe on December 2, 2009 at 12:10pm
Hi Gunner,
Glad to see you are out of the WV cornfield. Weather up here is not fit for fish nor fowl. I just got off the road myself. Had an Amtrak railpass and did about 7000 miles on it in the last month. Circled the US. I was in La fa ette last week. Twas good to see trees after all that desert.
Note to Quinn.....I have a men's cologne called "Wet Gun Dog". I wear it when my Lab is not around. Guys like Robbie and I love the smell. It's a guy thing.
Comment by Bull on December 2, 2009 at 7:47am
Hope today goes a little better.
Comment by Quinn on December 1, 2009 at 4:50pm
Sorry to hear about the rain. What do you do about the wet dog smell? I have this new puppy and she won't walk under the umbrella...



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