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Alias Hossein Barfaroosh looks like a butterfly to me . . . .

So I have this app on my My Page [my My Page - my my oMy] - anywayz, where was I?
Oyeah, it's a beta version of World News or something. I was looking for information on the DC shooting of yesterday, July 15, 2009, since I missed the news last night. Why did I miss the news last night? Well, it seems someone seemed to labor under the misconception that I must be some sort of TOY or something, but never mind.

Like I keep sayin',
I ain't playin' . . .

Anywayz . . . back to the app . . .

The news item is outdated, it's from March 29. It claims a rift in the Obama camp, and cites Obama's call for diplomacy with Iran, vs. Gate's statements that Iran will be more likely to respond to economic sanctions with regard to its nuclear program.

Well, ok, it's a serious issue. But the twin statements don't represent a rift, they are rather statements regarding two aspects of U.S. policy on this issue, working in concert. Since the article mischaracterizes these statements as a rift I presume either the author simply cannot read or is pursueing their own agenda.

What really struck me were the comments to the article itself, and unless the page disappears, you should be able to find them here:


Now I don't know who Alias Hossein Barfaroosh really is. I have no idea. But he has posted 15 comments to the article complaining about the behavior of neighbors and strangers he meets in his travels. Reading his comments it is clear he really doesn't do the program justice, because really, when they spin ya, the fuckers are really, really freaky, and yet that flavor of absolute terror just doesn't come through in his description.

Well, lets not hold that against him, eh?

Obviously the guy is not a real terrorist, because if he were someone would hand him bomb making material and send him on a fund raiser . . . wouldn't they? Sure they would . . .

So why don't we just free the butterflies, huh? Can't we just do that? Free the Butterflies? I mean WTF? We're all people aren't we? Aren't we all people here?

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