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A Barking Dog

two people with a dog
a dog's toy
and a stick

"jump, boy, jump"
the dog jumps
the other kicks it

they switch
jump, boy, jump
the dog jumps

the other kicks it
this goes on
and on

the dog of course
gets confused
and howls

the dog growls
and jumps
and howls

the dog howls at nite
does he wake the neighbors?
do they know?

the cruelty of fools
they get a mate
they get their cameras

and the comic strip
in the paper
alien breeding farms

cameras at the ready
anticipation steady
but the dog won't mate

instead he howls
and growls
and tries to wake the neighbors

this cannot continue

should call the U.N.
before the next s election

© D. Winter
November 26, 2007

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Tags: A, Barking, Dog, american, dissent, poetry


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