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I'm heading for the gym. Got to get the old heart going. Or in my case keep it going. I have a chest strap that keeps track of my heart rate.

I find that if I can get on an exercise bike that is located behind a treadmill with an attractive woman on it, my heart rate reaches the optimum level much quicker. Then I have to slow down to keep it in "The Zone".

Do you exercise? Where? How many times a week? Why?


Includes my before and after pictures.

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Exercise is good for you.
I exercise six days a week.
I'm going to till the garden today.
I leave the tiller in the shed and use a shovel.
Looks like it's working for you Robbie. I just finished my workout. I try for 3 times a week. I have lots of excuses not to work out. I'd be happy to share them if anyone needs an excuse. I work out in the basement, there's nothing visual to keep my heart rate up, I have to use my imagination. I do have the TV on though.
Re: male heartrates

My dad had to have a pacemaker put in a couple of years ago. While he was waiting in pre-op with my mom, he was hooked up to a heart monitor which Mom could see.

A pretty nurse walked in to check his vitals, and his heartrate jumped.

Mom laughed and said, "You're busted!"
hahahaha. I'm taking a stress test Friday. I wonder what the nurses will look like, that will determine how long I stay on the treadmill.
If you ever do have aching bones I know a guy who can replace them with titaniim/steel. It will hurt like hell for a couple of months but then it gets okay.
40 minutes on elliptical trainer every weekday morning.

Stairs up and down to the 4th floor of the parking deck, 5 days a week.

Stairs up and down to office on third floor, 5 days a week.

I do this because I feel better when I get some exercise. Also because I keep hoping I will lose a few pounds. I seem to maintain well doing this, but don't lose weight unless I starve myself, and that's no fun!
Good for you Calli. That's plenty of exercise, keep it up.
Wow!!! AggieK Those stats are great. Wish I had enough self control to force myself to do it 5 times a week. I usually end up going to the gym 3 or 4 times a week when I'm here at Patrick AFB. When I'm not on a military post it is really tough to make myself exercise. I've got pretty good genes so I am able to sneak by. I've weighed around 150 most of my life. think I"m up to 156 now. So need to get the weight back down. Used to be easy to do. Just stop eating potatoes and bread. No longer works. I used to run a lot of 5 and 10k races. tried to run one every week. Ran the Army 10 miler every year until I was 58. That was when the Dr. told me that even though My back was hurting it was my hips that were causing it. If I wanted the back to stop hurting, stop running. So, I did. And the back stopped hurting. But then the left hip started to go. Had it replaced with a big hunk of various metals In Nov. 2008. I'm doing pretty well. Have decided that I'm going to the driving range tomorrow to see if I can swing a golf club. Of course I have to walk Happy multiple times every day. All the women who fuss over him provide incentive to walk him more often. (:>)
No. But Sex does. I'm willing to be your personal trainer. I'll even give you my teaser discount for the first three years.




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