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Blood Stiring Music

We have had lots of Music threads with various themes. Motown, Country, Western, R&B and others. This one is for music that stirs the b…

Started by CWO3ROBBIE

53 Jul 15, 2019
Reply by darroll

This Is Your Life.

Kat, or maybe it was akabukowski, once said to me that everyone thinks their life would make a good book. She is probably right. What do yo…

Started by CWO3ROBBIE

610 Dec 28, 2012
Reply by One RealHot


Here is an article that was in one of the investment letters that I sometimes read. It makes a lot of sense. Do you agree or dissagree? Do…

Started by CWO3ROBBIE

6 Apr 7, 2012
Reply by Baia

Is being extremely attractive a curse or a blessing?

Maybe I should post this in the love column.. Do you think that people who are extra attractive don't take the havoc that they can wreak in…

Started by Merry

33 Mar 22, 2012
Reply by mother Sanity

Near Field Communication, NFC

Have you heard about this? It is the latest advance in technology that started with the development of credit cards and moced to bar codes…

Started by CWO3ROBBIE

18 Nov 22, 2011

Pew Research International Survey on Values

Pew Research just released their survey of international Values. I find that I probably should be an European. It also identifies one of th…

Started by CWO3ROBBIE

8 Nov 18, 2011
Reply by Quinn

Do You Have Enough Time?

I remember when I spent a lot of time in the land of boredom. But barely! That was 50 years ago. What happend? I haven't been bored in ages…

Started by CWO3ROBBIE

17 Aug 15, 2011
Reply by Quinn

Are You Living Where You Want To Live?

We all live somewhere. Some of us are rooted to one place. Others move often. During the time I was growing up, most people seemed to want…

Started by CWO3ROBBIE

77 May 20, 2011


I have roamed all the way back to page 6 of the discussions. All Right!!! I admit that I kept getting distracted by all the goings on, both…

Started by CWO3ROBBIE

429 Aug 30, 2010
Reply by d's girl

Unmarried SEX

Would you permit your unmarried child and their S/O to share a bed in your home? Are their age limits you have in mind? What if they were g…

Started by Mother Sanity (JackieRodzinski)

60 Jul 5, 2010
Reply by The Dyslexic Dodger




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