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Laying it on the Line

Due to much misunderstanding recently, I'm finding it necessary to display NING's rules on sexual content.  Violating them can mean the rem…

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What? Politics is Funny?

Whether you support this guy: Or this one: Can we keep it fun?

Started by EddieDingo

1648 on Wednesday
Reply by Aggie

Snagg's Radio Show

Via internet stream you can listen to a variety of interesting music. Google WQNA to find the stream. The show is called Fear and Loathing…

Started by Ubu

799 Nov 21
Reply by Angharad

Can You Read The Signs?

  Signs, signs, everywhere there's signs... Do this! Don't do that! Can't you read the signs?!             

Started by d's girl

2342 Nov 14
Reply by Aggie

Ranting and Raving

This is the place to vent your frustrations.  Have at it!! Post your rant here.

Started by Ubu

5183 Sep 14
Reply by Angharad

Blood Stiring Music

We have had lots of Music threads with various themes. Motown, Country, Western, R&B and others. This one is for music that stirs the b…

Started by CWO3ROBBIE

53 Jul 15
Reply by darroll

"13 Things Your Burglar Won't Tell You!!"

  Good Information, worth your time to read. 13 Things Your Burglar Won't Tell You: 1.  Of course I look familiar. I was here just last…

Started by Letha Robinson

5 Jul 6
Reply by darroll

The New Homeless

An Observation I saw a man the other day outside a building.  Dressed with a blanket over his clothes.  It was fashioned like a cape as he…

Started by Julia A Knaake

8 Mar 13
Reply by Julia A Knaake


Its a Friday afternoon your drving home, its been a hell of a week, what song or songs makes you feel better make you forget your bad week.…

Started by z100

42 Feb 24
Reply by Aggie

Why don't they make Valentine's Day cards for

Why don't they make Valentine's Day cards for "I think I like you but it's too soon to tell."    How about " I like you and want to get to…

Started by Aggie

205 Feb 14
Reply by Aggie

Songs/Videos So Bad They're Surreal

The kind that make you lose it at a wake or wedding... 

Started by Angharad

88 Dec 29, 2018
Reply by flipper




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