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The kind that make you lose it at a wake or wedding... 

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Lemme just get the ball rolling...

HAHAHA! Okay, now I'm going to have that tune stuck in my head....

Gotta love the penguin, though.

Banging head will help remove the song from your frontal cortex. 

I couldn't listen to this for 60 seconds. Who knows, maybe it gets better (don't see how it could get worse) and maybe there is a grand finale!! If you make it all the way through this, let me know. :-)


Nope, didn't get better. No grand finale unless you count weaving the Benny Hill theme song into the mess.

I can definitely verify the voracity of the title... :>)

I just can't get past ol' Demis. He's the Greek Tiny Tim.

Bury him in a litter box.

Sorry, Funes, I have to trump that Tom Jones with:


The gastrointestinal induced stress prevented me from watching more than 1:12. Please no more, I concede.

The Shaggs, 1969. 




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