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The only time I watch TV is when I i'm in the exercise room and need something to break up the boredom of the treadmill. I am fully retired so I can adjust my non existent daily schedule to any hour.

Larry watches Glee. What is that?

Is Hill Street Blues still on?    Paladin?   How about Dark Shadows? I used to like that.  Oh and what was that one by David Lynch? You know. The one where the girl tied the cherry stem into a bow with her tongue?

I remember recently hearing something about a Lost American Idol?

Well, I'll be eagerly awaiting your suggestions.

Remember, it should be something to distract me from the pain and boredom of exercise.

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Watch the Mythbusters as they love to blow things up.
I also watch dirty jobs, it reminds me of when I do yard work.
I love Globetrekker, the new Dr. Who, and Coupling - But I'm kind of an odd duck. Oh, and Arrested Development. I watch a lot of things that aren't on tv anymore because I like to watch them on DVD.
Arrested Development...Great show. I'd like to have 3rd Rock From the Sun on DVD, what a hoot.
Felicia ,that kind of crap happens to me so much , I feel like I'm channeling Gracie Allen some days. ASK ROBBIE!
Robbie, uh Meth in Maine? LOLOL ROFLMAO
Merry, The State of Boston may have something to say about that.
I mostly watch some sort of sports. Tonight I have been clicking back and forth between the Atanta Braves and Philadelphia Phillies baseball game (Braves lost 8 to 3) and the Stanley Cup Playoff game between the Chicago Blackhawks and the Nashville Predators ( Predators are losing 3 to 0 in the 3rd). Not a good night for me sports wise. I also watch Lost every week and DIY network during the day when I have nothing to do. I think I can now build a house by myself as much of that as I have watched.
No I hired somebody to do that. Now I am thinking of undertaking the job myself. Do you think a fear of ladders will hinder me in the process?
Buy a TV guide Robbie. In the meantime, schedule your workout for Wednesday night. "Modern Family" on ABC is what you'll want to watch. Ed O"Neil (a hometown boy from Youngstown) plays one of the characters.
Robbie, I went back and found the Maine detox phone # and told them I was doing a report and now they are sending me all of these stats in the mail.
Pru, and all other concered people. I cut open two blueberrys. You know scientific principal of proof and such. Well, the inside of the skin is blue. Not white as I thought. The pulp is kind of a very light green.Kind of translucent. I guess someone with an overactive imagination could associate it with a bugs innards, kind of squishy. But it tasted better, I think. Can't remember the last time I ate a large bug. Well, now that I'm bored again what do I do next. I would suggest selling all shares of your stock in blueberry farms.
Actually the blueberrys that I was expermenting on were from Chili. I bet the insides of Maine blueberrys are blue.
is she also part of the campaign to smear Blueberrys?




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