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I'm going to claim credit for getting Sandra Dee to post a picture of her face instead of her feet. I think it's a very attractive face. Not that the feet weren't. (:>) That's my big accomplishment so far this year. What have you accomplished?

We had a great time touring the Charleston, SC area Yesterday and had our picture taken in the Crab Shack at Folly Beach.

Please notice that contrary to a rumor started by someone, I still have both ears. I don't know whose ear Pru received in the mail

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Sandy's hot. You lucky bastard Robbie. Maybe I can get my picture taken with her some day.
Lar, just put your head on Robbie's body in that photo, and the deed is done.
Cleared snow out of the drive and got a haircut. I'll do the driveway again tomorrow. I'm tired of it already.
Lar, so this thing you're tired of already is using that big ass snow blower on that little drive? LOL!
lol. Today I did the drive, the steps and walkway in 20 minutes. That's after I get the snow blower running. The electric starter broke about 4 years ago. The housing for the rope-starter spindle is broke at the bottom so I have to hold the housing closed so the rope doesn't come off the spindle. The rope broke at the top twice and also at the bottom twice. I'm down to about an 8 inch stroke, some day I'll buy a new rope. It takes as long to start that old thing as it does to clear the drive. By the way, the drive is 24' by 90'. Thank you very much.

PS Did I ever mention that I have to throw snow way up and over retaining walls on each side. Thank you again.
Uh huh, OK. LMAO!
Larry, I don't care how deep the snow is, do you realize you just complained about a 8 inch stroke?
So far I've managed to catch up on some much-needed sleep.

It's improved my outlook towards the rest of the world, at least...
I began my efforts to control the world and I was nice to a neighbor yesterday. I also shopped for grocery and vino. I refrained from using swear words. I washed blankets and towels.

I received a jury duty notice! A fantastic piece of mail which I otherwise thought was a traffic ticket from those crummy fk'n traffic light cameras.

Today I will do even more stuff.
I have eaten quite a bit so far this year. I did the grocery store run and laundry yesterday. Happily I wasn't as fortunate as Sme so I did not get a jury notice.
Is WendyLynn a zombie?




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