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Have you heard about this? It is the latest advance in technology that started with the development of credit cards and moced to bar codes and RFD. Soon we will be doing just about everything with Smart Phones. Including paying at the check out. What else will NFC be used for? 

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I am sure Tool thinks it will be used by the government to track every move we make and cause us to explode if we step out of line.

It would be more polite if you kept your derogatory opinions to yourself, instead of calling me out to insult me, and or place your words within my mouth...

Look who's talking polite!

Electronic transfers to rule commerce by 2020



security is better than for regular transactions using cards because account information is encrypted directly in the chip rather than as part of the communication between the store and the credit card issuer. Plus, businesses can tie its use to loyalty programs to gain more and easier access to customers' buying habits. Retailers will be able to target frequent customers when they walk into a store, thanks to tracking technologies in the chips and smart phones.

The convenience will also appeal to consumers, especially with the advent of the e-wallet — phone software that allows users to pay from any of their bank or card accounts, plus automatically logs loyalty points and alerts users to electronic credits and coupons.



It would be a great tool for universities. Student tracking - transcripts, course registration, purchasing on campus, etc.

I'm a dinosaur, I like to use cash money. 

I note that I can pay with cash in the checkout line in the grocery store much faster than most people can pay by fumbling around with a debit/credit/bridge card or an electronic check.  My fellow seniors are mostly befuddled by the whole electronic process.....unfortunately, many of them embrace the technology!  ;-0

I mostly use cash because each business has a card reader that has a unique sequence of questions and entries. If you don't like the fact that someone a little older than you is in front of you, feel free to go to another line. That is what I do when I see that some female with a basket full of  clothing is in front of me in the line.

I do detest the fact that we are rapidly moving into a world where there is no privacy from government serveillance. However, I do not think it is due to any "Grand Plan". It is due to various, sometimes unrelated, factors.  The most pervasive of which is the growth of human population. The second is the rapidly advancing rate of technology growth. These two factors alone are what has caused us to exist in a world of random violence of previously unknown magnitude. I would think that the sixteenth amendment to the US constitution is a minor player.

Sorry, Tool. but I seem to remember some pretty unsolicited derogitory remarks made by you. If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

OK, now I'm off to read about this in Wikipedia.

We had that back in 07,08 in the Easy Pass that we used to go through toll booths. I refuse to spend all that outrageous moulah on a smartphone. Only a matter of time before someone figures out how to breach the security features and hell yes I think the govt is nosy about the basics of our lives.

So I wonder when "Irate Citizen" will be allowed to fly, or leave the country again.

ROLLING, that sounds so much like my son Michael who told me that Santa was a pedefile back when he was a teenager!




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