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I'll say what I like, then you say what you like

Pine trees, and walking in flip flops.

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The smell of my sheets and jammies after being washed in Gain.
They give you a carefree feeling

What's so good about cities?
a summer evening basbeball game, exploring a carnival eating fried dough, walking in the woods while its snowing, watching a lighting storm over the water, a warm summer day at the beach
watching a good rugby or football match with a beer P.S Beckham Ha
Walking in the forest --- deep in the forest of greenery! Til I am almost lost! Almost! I love that.
Also, I love learning something, as in "Ah ha!" type of understanding. Love it.
I like to relax munching on M&M's one at time. Hey I left my bag in the car brb....
Hmmmm imagine that Bonnie. The reason I usually use a polar bear avatar is that I like cold showers in the summer and cold showers in the winter. Go figure.....and yes my bloodpressure is well under control LOL!

Now where'd my M&M's go? Bet Wendylyn or Stillgoing snatched my bag........
I don't believe that
So does my cat! lol
I like walking on the beach any day, but particularly late in the evening.
I like to walk in the rain if it is warm and there is not any lightning. Picky aren't I?




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