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What comes after the initial YES WE CAN slogan? Looking for the unspoken follow up to this phrase, both positive and negative. Call it the fill in the blank game. Here are some examples:

YES WE CAN...say one thing and do another.
YES WE CAN...vote to raise everyone's taxes and not pay our own.
YES WE CAN...fan the flames of racism rather than judge people by the content of their character.
YES WE CAN...screw things up just as much as the Republicans, but in a different way.
YES WE CAN...what?

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If any of you care to read the entire thread, you will notice that I was perfectly reasonable and responsible throughout most of it. However, after being continually attacked for daring to express my opinion (which may prove to be wrong - and I've said this multiple times, too) - I'm beyond caring. Since you have chosen to take the low road, I will follow your path. Good job!
Dear Wylde, I have read before I responded the first time the entire thread and I thank you for it. I think right from the start that the idea of "Yes We Can" was a great thing to open things up. I hope that I have not caused you to feel attacked, for I think attacking people is something our world could use so much less of!

I find it difficult to believe that "you" are beyond caring, Wylde, In the past I have come to think of you as a very caring man, one filled with passion for those things that are of importance to you and to those around you.
I hope am glad for the opportunity to express Wylde. I still feel that, Yes we can".
You're right, Tina, I'm NOT beyond caring. I do care. I want everyone to have great heatlh care.

I don't BELIEVE that the government will deliver what they are promising. That's been my whole point all along. I NEVER said people shouldn't have good health care. I've ALWAYS said that the government is notorious for promising one thing and delivering another. I'm afraid that people will be very disappointed and find that their insurance is more expensive, not less and their care is diminished, not increased. I think it will turn out like social security - they will collect all the premiums and then use the money for other things, then when people need health care, they'll shrug and say "Sorry - we can't afford it."
Has anyone heard of the co-op plans they are now proposing? I don't know a lot about them, but they are not for profit and apparently offer some good competition to the private insurers. The co-ops sound promising to me.

Also, another idea I've heard floated is to rein in the lawsuits. Why should someone get a $100M judgment for malpractice? Why not put a cap and ALSO revoke the guilty doctor's license FOREVER. That sounds like it might bring down some costs. Some hospitals are running every test in the book because they are afraid that if they don't they will be sued. This happened to Steve's mom a few weeks ago. She had heartburn and ended in the hospital for three days while they ran every test they could think of. They found nothing wrong, but they had to do it so we wouldn't come back and sue later. Imagine how much money that's gonna suck out of the insurance company, which will, in turn, raise everyone's rates when you multiple that scenario by thousands.
So, co-ops suck? Okay. Thanks for the reasoned response to my question.

If they put a cap on lawsuits, malpractice insurance premiums might be reduced and the savings could be passed on to patients. Maybe then they could afford to cover more things. Not sure, but maybe.

Marge, you obviously trust the people that are promoting this thing. I hope your instincts are right and mine are wrong. If you are right we will all be better off. If I am right, we will all be worse off than we are now. For that reason, I honestly hope that you're right and I'm wrong.
I totally agree that some reform is needed. By when was anything good ever accomplished by rushing something through? I don't make personal decisions that way. I sit back and think about it for awhile, gather information and then decide what the best course of action is. What on Earth is wrong with taking a breath, hearing ALL sides and making a decision that does the most good for the most people?
I already said, Marge, I'm a horrible person because I don't agree with your opinion. You believe that the government will deliver on what they are promising. I don't believe them. That makes me a horrible, awful person who can kiss your ass.
I'm sure I will burn in hell and I deserve that.
Yes We Can agree to disagree.
No, we can't afford to wait any longer. The discussion needs to happen now. But, I don't want do any old thing just to "change" the situation if that means the situation will be worse instead of better.

If you're speeding along a mountain road and the bridge is out up ahead, does it make sense to jerk the steering wheel hard and send yourself right off the road? All I'm saying is, what's the rush to get this done before people have even read it or discussed it? Why are they trying to rush it through before everyone has a chance to read it? What's in there that they don't want people to see? I thought Obama was going to usher in a new age of transparency.

I'm not saying don't do anything - I AM saying lets make sure that this really is a better system, rather than making things worse. Maybe it is. Hard to determine if they just ram it through unread.
Well Wylde, that makes sense and "no jerking the wheel on a mountain curve", agreed. However I would suggest that this is a or perhaps I should say, this should be a wake up call to Americans, many years many sat back and forgot that it takes all of us to keep this country and government moving, working and on track. See what happens when we sit back and expect the government to do it all.

I am not feeling like the President is this sneaky guy that I need to become paranoid of and fear as some are like trying to panic people to death. However I would suggest that the Senate and Congress had better clean their glasses and get to reading. Something must be done, so many TODAY do not have four more years, they have waited far too long as it is. Some are dying due to lack of medical care that some of us just take for granted because when we need treatment it's there, available. For us it's just the trip out to get there. For so many it is a stressful, aching, worry every day, they can do nothing to get the help and care they need for their Mothers, Fathers, Children, themselves. It is time for some kind of action I think Wylde. There is bound to be kinks in anything new. Some of it will need to be ironed out as we go, but let's get this party started so that a few might even be able to hope again...Blessings, T
Yes we can bring an end to "the war on terror" by capitulating to the demands of Islamic extremists and appeasing them in such a manner that it resembles bending over forward to be sodomized.

Yes we can talk about holding members of the last administration responsible for their actions whilst turning a blind eye to the Islamic extremists who blatantly disregard the Geneva Convention accords by kidnapping, torturing and beheading innocent people in the name of their dirt-worshipping prophet; who burn hanging bodies from gallows for sport.

Yes we can allow a hostage taking, holocaust denying Islamist to take the floor in order to spew forth his vile vitriol and allow a nation's leader of plane bombing terrorists to pitch a tent on the hallowed ground of citizens who gave their lives to protect the freedoms we so proudly espouse.
No we can't have a war on terror, but maybe a war on terroists or terrorism.
No we can't win anything by becoming our enemies.




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