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On the Aug. 5, 6, & 7 A Moosee's Crossing Meetup was held near Pittsburgh, PA.

A great time was had by the attendees.  The Group is open to anyone who wants to join.

I met four tbd members face to face for the first time. These were 1 Great Lady, Stillgoing, belle, and LJ. 

Here are some pictures.  


Sleeping Beauty

RRC, & Cat. LJ in background and Debi's back.

Debi and Goldilocks giving instructions on how to sleep on a blanket.




Moosee and Debi Abel

More pics will follow.

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Hi BAF, You've been missed.

BAF? I hope you get in touch with KC and me when you're going to be near Lake Erie or Pittsburgh or anywhere in between. I hope we're not too late.


Hi BAF!  Good to see you!
*waving* !! Me too, BAF!!! I'd LOVE to meet you!
Me three, BAF!  George and I would like to meet you, too!
Looks like a nice time was had by all who attended. Awesome!

Merry, it was a wonderful and funfilled weekend... Maybe next time you can join us!!!

Hi Kittycat, good to see you hanging around a little more. You guys are MISSED!!

(well maybe not Larry so much)

I've missed it too... I'll try to do better in the future, TBub!!! Missing you and Dee!!! When you coming up our way???
Not sure KC, finances are kinda tight. Been trying to pay down some credit cards, and save for a new roof at the same time. POSSIBLY in November, but it depends on how much this roof is going to cost.

I know how that goes, TBub!!! When you do make it this way, don't forget to give us a call!!!  I loved our last visit together!!!  (((HUGS)))  Give Dee a (((HUG))) from me too!!





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