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Why don't they make Valentine's Day cards for

"I think I like you but it's too soon to tell."


 How about " I like you and want to get to know more about you before I take the plunge, get divorced, pay alimony, child support and go through hell for the rest of my life, wondering what I may have done wrong or what I could have done to make it better." Love hurts, sometimes..


Would you be my virtual Valentine?


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That's awesome! You could start your own company with a few like that! lol

hahahaha..yup kainsworth

This year I will be Valentine-less, after two years of bumbling my way through the holiday with a girlfriend.

The first year I had a nice bouquet of mixed flowers delivered to her place of work. She liked them so well that she looked up online what every single flower meant if presented from a guy to a girl. So from online, she learned that I was giving her my undying love forever. In actuality, I thought the arrangement had looked cool, so I ordered it. i had to do some nimble talking, amid tears and sniffles from her, to get myself out of that one!

Last year, after checking with the florist, I hand delivered to her a Valentine's Day floral arrangement that, according to the internet, probably was just saying "You're a nice person, but I really don't want to commitment to any permanent relationship". Four months later, as a couple, we were kaput.

Last night, for the first time since we went our separate ways, I got a call from her. Do you suppose she was looking for more Valentine's Day flowers?

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Kinda sad Gary, looking up meaning for flowers? Wow, she was definitely searching for something. Maybe it's best you're not a couple anymore. I know I shouldn't judge, I don't even know her.
Its always been about "the thrill of the hunt" for me, Lar! LOL!
They should make valentines that say "kiss my butt."
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