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Do you think I might be James Fahey or lck in discize?

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Well I know you aren't TeeBubbaDee cause Pru would've given you many more KITP's.
Besides, i think Pru may be James in drag.
The way you spelled disguise, I wonder.
Hmmmmmm....I never thought that, but wait! Hmmmmmm....
Has anybody ever seen all three of them at the same place and time?
Good question pickle.
I don't really care but I wish whomever they are they would take some basic English course.
Irony Alert.
Of course it's Robbie. His spelling is creative, a little different every time, which seems normal for typotime or phonetics. James is oddly consistent in his errors.
I think he is the dude that is coming over here to mow the grass for free.
Robbie, I think he is a young man stuck in an elderly mans body. oh James is really Larry--
Thats too bad, because he knows where you live. MUUHAHAHAHA
I think he is the butler, I think he did it in the library, and I think he did it with the candlestick. DID I WIN???




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