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What state are you in today? Why?



The state of your life is nothing more than a reflection of your state of mind. So, are you a New York or ______________?






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I'm a flatlander from VT who didn't think that VT was cold enough. I've barely broken in my snowshoes , which is my own fault. Northern Maine is about as far north as I plan on going. Some of the days this summer have been downright chilly. That's just right if you ask me.

I've never heard that stereotype of Pennsylvania before...

Actually, I don't know of any stereotypes specific to Pennsylvania, maybe I am all of them and people are too polite to tell me??

Usually I just hear the ones about the Northeast, in general.

When I was a freshman in high school a family from Pennsylvania moved into our area. They were a real novelity to us kids.  We thought they talked funny.

Do you remember what part of Pennsylvania they were from, Bob?

Someone at work told me I had a "Pittsburgh Twang."

No, I don't Goldi....don't think we ever knew. In our little world we just thought they were a bit odd.No telling what they thought about us though. They were rather citified....I remember that.
They could have been from either Pittsburgh or Philadelphia, Bob.  If they ever spoke of "chipped ham," they were probably from Pittsburgh.  :-)
I always heard that PA was the only state with more people with fewer teeth than West Virginia.
I never heard that, Robbie.
I didn't understand what he said about Pennsylvania either, Quinn, he said it too fast.

He said, "Even our Amish will fight you."

Referring to rowdy Philadelphia Eagles fans, maybe???


I think all the teams have some rowdy fans, Quinn.

You have more Amish on your end of the state than I have on mine!

I could never understand what he said about Tennessee. Something about white people I think. Like Quinn I didn't understand what it meant.




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