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you would change about your life? If you could make just one change, what would it be?

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I'd be immortal.
Robbie, you were supposed to change something.
Dang, Busted!
I'd speak up more often and goof off whenever I felt like it.

So I guess I will start.
uh, Sme. I think thats two.
I’d be less stubborn.
I would have married correctly the first time.
Yes, and Larry wouldn't have Kitty to be watching over him, with her patience of a saint.
You still can
I'm always willing to help you reach your dream.

No! I don't mean it that way, you dirty minded people.

I mean I'll let her take care of me.
Be more confident. Shyness sucks bigtime!!
I am with Lowell. Being shy has made my life much more difficult than it might have been otherwise.




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