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I'm going to claim credit for getting Sandra Dee to post a picture of her face instead of her feet. I think it's a very attractive face. Not that the feet weren't. (:>) That's my big accomplishment so far this year. What have you accomplished?

We had a great time touring the Charleston, SC area Yesterday and had our picture taken in the Crab Shack at Folly Beach.

Please notice that contrary to a rumor started by someone, I still have both ears. I don't know whose ear Pru received in the mail

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Well, I had the first walk for the year with my meetup walking group. Got my ex some meds today. And tomorrow, we take the tree down at sis's house.
Today, Robbie you had to ask--I washed some shirts, and put them in the dryer. Went to take them out and they were still wet. Checked the brecker-it was good. Checked to senser--it was good. I have had it over 12 years and I had major repairs done it 2 yrs ago. I have to buy a new dryer--great start. anyway, they are cheap. Working 6 days this week, a bumber when I work salary and we are busy.
Sandy is a beauty.-----that is a great shot. You got much closer than you did to the other TBD ladies. You know a pretty southern lady when you see one.
Blondie, my dryer broke down in 1994. I addressed the problem by putting up some clothes lines in my laundry room, and also using one of those wooden accordian type racks. I still keep that broken down dryer in there so I have something to set the table saw on when I'm not using it.
Aww so sweet !!!
I am in no hurry to accomplish anything so far ;-)
Thats the spirit, Nina!
I cracked a beer a couple minutes ago, does that count?
Great photo!

I haven't gotten anything remarkable done yet. But, I can claim that I have not gone into work all year! ;-)
Ok, Now explain your latest Avatar. When I first looked at attached to a comment, I thought "Wow!!! What a weird looking sheep. Must be some ancient sheep god from the underworld. Then I looked at your profile and it looks like a laughing sheep? which is it?
Robbie, I realize that it is difficult to determine the gender of my avatar, but I'd hoped you would have noticed when we met that I am not a god. I am a goddess. ;-)

And I am laughing! :-)
I unplugged all of the Christmas lights but I haven't taken any of them down yet. I also put away my Christmas gifts.
I've accomplished not shaving so far this year, and right after I can tear myself away from the computer, I'm gonna do dishes.




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