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I guess the first step is to get off the bloody puter. For a few weeks there a quote from Mother Theresa helped me alot but now I'm stuck again, just a little I hope. Here's the quote that helped me.

"We cannot do great things, we can only do small things with great love."

Any thoughts on movitation?

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Aggie smile!
The thought of how I am going to spoil myself later helps me motivated to get some work done around here ;-)
Being a self-starter works for me. I can't believe the time and effort people will put into not doing something when it takes far less time and energy to just do it in the first place.
That's sort of how I motivate nina. I try to think about how I'll feel when the job is done and I reward myself with a Starbucks coffee drink.
Spoil yourself silly, Nina. Maybe a nice shopping trip, a vacation, a great dinner at a nice restaurant, or a cool new movie you've been wanting to see. :)
The hardest part of any job is starting it. Thats why I do nothing. Nothing isn't hard. Something is overrated. Unless there is beer and or sex involved. Even then, I wouldn't want to be a self starter.(:>)
I take my medication and try to pick up the last few dropped threads. I hate it though, anhd I find holidaze particularly distracting.
See here's the thing , I'm making photo cards for a craft show and they came out alright and all and I figured out how much money I'd make ect per card what have you , fine. The problem that kills my motivation is will peeps buy my stuff during hard times. Am I just counting my chickens............. Then I figured OH WHaT THE HELL, just do it and keep going. I bought a small stack of pastels and all kinds of supplies this year. Enough to keep me busy till 2020. I just need a maid and a cook and a swift kick in the pants. Even if my stuff is not so great , it keeps me out of trouble, ya know?
I am motivated by the love of my life, whom I met on December 24. She inspires me tremendously.
Strong coffee when I arise.
Creation of something that will not be there, lest I get started on it, in a subject that I love.
This is motivating.

Listen to inspirational music, listen to a motivational speaker, read motivational materials.

One should do this daily, as these things wear off, just like bathing.
I step out on my front porch and take a whiz. Then I think about all the things I need to get done before the cops show up, or they won't get done.
BUT SNAGG, I hear club FED is Fabulous this time of year!!!!!




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