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Son and I are driving from NJ to California, and presumably back again. The Inquiring Grasshopper may join us, she's been trying to hitch a ride on a trip with her bf's family (Why she'd ever want to do that escapes me!)

Son has a seminar in San Francisco from the 18th to the 28th. I guess we'll be on the road for a while, or at least as long as we can stand oneanother. We are taking my miata, so there wont be much room for luggage. Were leaving just as soon as the requisite pharmaceuticals are in place.

What';s everyone else up to?

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Do you live in Jersey? Where abouts? (I live in Central NJ, Readington Twp). I've been at the shore once this year. After being spoiled by the crystal clear Carribean and Hawaiian waters, I rarely go to the beach here.
I have already been to a Jimmy Buffett concert, during the flood.
Went to Hilton Head for a week in mid June.
Doing yard work for what seems most of the time.
Probably will go someplace else, not the beach in late July or August.
The beach, where? The kids didnt get out of school until the 24th of June, so summer had a late start... I hate to think what that might mean for the fall. I do yard work alot, too. I've noticed this year, how early all of the perrenial fruit seams to be very early. I wonder if that means we will have a cold early winter?
How long do you anticipate the drive and stopovers from NJ to CA to be?

Have fun and try to see many sites along the way.
Oh Marciel, I dont know! We have to be in SF by the 18th; the conference ends the 28th. That puts serious demands on our pharmaceuticals, (not to mention Tom's precious bank account). Frankly, I dont know how I ever ended up in NJ in the first place. My soul is West coast all the way!
I don't have any definitive plans but to go to the Jersey Shore as many times as I can. I think I might be going with my mom and daughter to a relative's place in Virginia Beach after the 4th of July. We might stop to pick up my son at Ocean City, MD. He's vacationing there with his best friend and family.

I also plan on taking several day trips to Mystic, Cape May, New Hope (PA), and Woodstock (NY). I'd like to go see Provincetown and Cape Ann and I miss Martha's Vineyard.
Where do you live, Maciel? I live in whitehouse station, nj
Working, but do plan to take a day off to attend the 2010 Aggie Real Estate Network Conference in July.
George and I will be visiting family, seeing doctors, and going to our camp this summer.
Seeing doctors...ugh gotta keep those Mercedes payments in the pipeline...
I forgot to mention in my post above that George and I hope to visit with friends this summer, too.
One summer a few years ago, I spent sailing on the inland sea of Lake Champlain and this summer and spring and hopefully fall, I'm taking care of my best friend who has the dreaded C (cancer). It's alright as I think that it all balances out. It isn't as if I didn't know before I met them that they were going through the dreaded C in the first place so I knew after they recovered the first time that our time together was precious and that's kind of a gift in and of itself. I've met some wonderful people doing this and had these incredible conversations and turned into a lean, mean , nursing machine pulling all kinds of crazy hours and managing to be in one sometimes ragged piece the next day. Don't get me wrong, sailing on the inland sea for a summer was magical in the beauty that I saw and freedom that I felt. All I can say is that when someone is in that much pain and they are still nice and caring and apologize for being sick and I can stick by them, it's a good feeling. I guess I'm becoming well rounded one summer at a time.




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