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When rumors start flying, I tend to keep my head down. (That and hell, the weather'sbeen great)! So, any solid nooze???

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And what Larry said.
This is going to be fairly unpopular of me to say I am sure, but oh well. Get over this MA/TBD crap! It doesn't matter one whit. People are here, people are there. We are friends no matter where we may be. If you have friends in your heart that is all that matters, not where they may or may not post. Divisiveness gets people absolutely nowhere in regards to this subject. I for one am not going to feel like a pariah just because I do choose to be in both places, and I would hope that my friends wouldn't see me as such, and I am sure nobody else here or there would like it much either. We are friends,let's not have this be a driving wedge amongst us. Peace, Love and Hair grease folks.
And what J Lee said. :)

"clear misinformation", is that an oxymoron? lol
Larry, I am not an Ox, though it's not the first time I have heard that. We won't even get into the moron part.
LOL, you're the bull!
It was the "get over the MA/TBD crap" that I figured would be unpopular. I don't usually lash out like that. It wasn't the question that was presented, it was some of the responses that I have been sitting back and watching pop up that got me to be so sad and mad.
Hey, you are kind of a Jackie too aren't you? When I took Spanish in middle school Jacquin was the name my teacher gave me, I have always thought it was Spanish for Jackie.
Always be wary when someone calls you Hun!
Yeah, you hear a lot of that from AggieK, but it might just be a New Jersey thing.
I think its all water under the bridge. I've worked through it.




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