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Kat, or maybe it was akabukowski, once said to me that everyone thinks their life would make a good book.

She is probably right. What do you think?

Here is your chance.

Let's all tell stories from our experiences as we traveled through time.


Ahh, but there has to be rules. They will be pretty loose, but rules there must be.


1. It can be any experience that you want to tell us about.

2. It can be as short as one line. Or as long as fifty. Anything over thirty will be deleted.

3.You do not have to end the story at fiftyy lines, but you have to quit writing at the end of fiftyy lines. You can not post again until at least one other person  has posted something.

This ensures that everyone gets a chance.

4.You can continue on the same subject or jump to a new one.

5. Nothing is required to be in chronological order.

6. Very Graphic Sexual discriptions should be posted in the sex talk group. You can direct us to go there if we want to read about it.

7. No one will be checking the facts 

8. Additional rules will be posted and implemented as I see fit.

Step right up and post. who knows, the next knock on your door may be Spielberg asking for the movie rights.

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1) Don't a lot of your stories involve you "drinking massive quantities of beer"?

2) What's a "barrel racer"?

I take it you know nothing about rodeos????

"barrel racer" is the sweet heart of the rodeo.  She rides her horse in clover leaf pattern around 3 barrels.  Fastest time without tipping a barrel wins.  In my younger day I went to school with and was neighbor to a National Finalist Barrel Racer.
Kooner, did you just share your bra size with us?

Kooner, the electrical current surges strong with you. Henceforth you shall be known as Tank Girl.




You guys are amazing...I have to think a while...I have had a relatively boring life.

I was working on the campaign team to elect Robert Casey Jr. as Pennsylvania Senator.
A rally was being held at a YMCA near Philadelphia.
A number of dignitaries would be attending.
My “job” that day was to babysit an out-of-state Senator—show him around the facility, fetch water—normal gopher stuff...
I arranged for transportation from the airport and greeted the limo as it arrived at the Y.
I showed him around and chatted with the Senator until it was time for him to make his speech.
Afterwards he was scheduled to return to the airport and fly home.
He had some time before the flight and invited me to lunch. We talked about the city and its history; we talked about sports; he talked about his family and his background. He was smart and funny and incredibly charming, and very unassuming. It was a wonderful two hours.

That Senator happened to be from the state of Illinois and two years later would be elected President of the United States of America…
WOW!!! Can't match that.

Wow! Quinn, you met Abe Lincoln?



I love, love, LOVE that story!

I never, ever tire of hearing it.

You could tell me about that experience every day & I would be enrapt listening every time.

Well, lets see, I was a little nerdy guy with thick glasses when I was a kid.  I still am a little nerdy guy, but with contact lenses and a gut.

I never much thought about the future when I was young....I always kinda lived in the present.  I still live in the present mostly, but find myself living in the past occasionally.

I can't think of anything very remarkable to write about right now.  Nothings coming to me.  I like to be spontaneous when I write.  That ain't happening right now.

Maybe I'll address this topic later.

Will this rambling count against my 50 line limit?

It counts AS your 50 line limit.




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