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Let's chat about improvements we would like!
I will start:
I wish I wish I wish we could have the old TBD remarks after a comment in a discussion. Pardon my 54 year old brain -- was it kudos or vibes?
Whatever it was, I secretly was thrilled to receive and to give people the alert that they were funny or that I understood - or the "kicks in pants" which to me was just a fun way of showing affection rather than actual kicking of buttocks.
I KNOW we have those cartoon blobs now. But I want the easy button after a person comments! I want to show Pickleallen and Larry and Dotcom and kdblake and Kevin Lange and Monkeypants and Pru and every other person here how I feel about their comment -- immediately. That was fun!

Kudos! (See how nice I feel with a kudo!)
Ouch! (see how shocked I am to get kicked in butt?)

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I agree Karen I miss the kudos and the good vibes too. They were a very easy way of saying hello or expressing an opinion.
No one except maybe Pru would really kick you in the pants.

Did we leave the teleportation device behind.
K I hear ya, but with this buddypoke Stillgoing and I have been in a knock down drag out sword fight for about two weeks now. Kinda cool.... there's lots of stuff you can do with buddy poke try it out.
I have trouble with the buddy-poke thing although it is very cute.

What I am looking for is the little button at the end of ANYBODY'S comment that I can say "Yay!" or "Nay!"
or "Hugs!" or "Kick in Pants." I liked those 3 (or was it 4?) little options. It made me check my own comments! It was sometimes flattering and sometimes enlightening.

Buddypoke I just ex-d out of because I could program the entire display but I could not finish it up to send it to the specific person I wanted it to go to. This is a computer, darnnit. Not US mail. If I wanted to cut a cartoon out of a comic book, it would have taken me that long, plus going to the post office...
I want the easy button . no copy or paste ;-)
Oh Sme (Hi! :) - yes. It was lovely to receive, and ever so much fun to give kudos! On the last day at virtually the last moment I captured my vibe count, and my kudos counts. When I'm feeling woeful I go peek at it - to remind myself that occasionally. someone really did find me funny. or helpful, or inspirational. Does that seem vain? Perhaps. But they were all gifts, little sprinkles of stardust, and I cherish the memory. It seems so very much colder here in Ning, even though many of us try hard, and send around Chuck's lovely vibes (thank you Chuck) but it was the anonymity of it all, that was the fun of the thing. No? Knowing that you could really make some one's day - and they would never know who it was - that dropped a little dollop of appreciation on their plate.

Mind - sometimes when I only had one little forlorn kudo - I did figured out it was from TSD! So sweet. /;-D
Chez said there was a quote thing that happened - but then it disappeared. That would be NICE. Too.
There was Zoomer. Instead of that dotted line coming down from "Reply to This" it was a solid bar.It would be nice so as not to have a misplacement in the replies. And yes Karen, the kudos was really fun to have, sometimes I just want to give a thumbs up to stuff I read.The vibes are a nice treat, I just don't use them as much...sorry folks.

Well J Lee - not so much funny U - but here is a "thumbs up" for you sweetie - cuz when you are right - you are so eversharp right!!! Kiss
Thanks for posting this Karen, maybe the right people will see it. I'm with you Jack, The "Reply to This" was nice for quoting people you wanted to reply to. My replys get me in enough trouble when they're placed right where I want them.
Larry is always testing the waters. Thank God. Or actually, thank Larry.

Kudo button: one kick; two yes-yes-go-Larry!




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