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You start a rumor about me and then the next person starts a rumor about someone else...

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Red One has no weekend plans so will wander around the neighborhood hoping to spot someone in a bikini.The neighbors are on to him and spray him with their hoses when he's in the area.
stillgoing has a week-end planned at the nudist camp, but can't decide what to wear.
WendyLynn wants to go to the nudist camp too. She wants nothing to do with a skimpy bikini. Birthday suit will do just fine.
Red One has a job on the side to make extra money on the weekend.Well ok .....he actually has TWO extra side jobs.He pimps out of the cab he is driving! Are you out of town and need a date and THEN need a ride back to the airport??? Red One is your Hook Up Dude!
Red One spreads rumors about himself. He needs all the publicity he can get, poor guy...
Fractalac is THE PIMP. He has girls girls that do anything for their customers and most times he reaps the benefits. He wears the whole getup ...fedora, white suit, bell bottoms and that fox fur tops the whole outfit. He lives the life...diamond in the back,sun roof top, digging the scene with a gangster lean....
KBT tells everyone she's the Avon Lady.... But dig the name "KBT"? She takes the Avon products and sells them at exorbitant prices as a Mary K lady. Ergo "KBT." LOL
Bonnie bought some of KBT stuff. Now she's hallucinating that da Sarge likes panty hose. Go figure.....
Sarge was down graded in his job. He no longer is a Walmart greeter. He was making everyone march in step.....Now he's in charge of rat droppings on the loading dock. The rats are starting to walk funny, go figure.
Ahahahaa.Sg. Still is still waiting for that special lady to come along and make him pause...not stop pause...
Bonnie doesn't like clothes...she's the one running the nude beach.
Damn! How did you find out 'bout my pimpin'?




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