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You start a rumor about me and then the next person starts a rumor about someone else...

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Fractlac is a house painter and got fired for painting this avatar on a house.
SeaRain is competing in the Buffalo Chip throwing contest in Montana this summer.
red One has red shoes to match his red eyes.
BethD is counting the days until she is in the Skimpy Bikini Contest in Juneau, Alaska. We wish her the best of luck in the competition and hoping she brings home the first place trophy.
Koozman is delusional...
Koozman and F-N-L just want to laugh at Red One in a Skimpy Bikini and applaud BethD for bring home the first place trophy.
red one bribed the judges so he could win the bikini contest
But I heard that BethD brought home a $1,000,000,000 for first place in the Skimpy Bikini contest. Poor Red One just got the booby prize and no bribe was involved. Better luck next year.
Bonnie proves she's all girl many times a day. At varying prices.
I saw stillgoing standing on the corner handing Bonnie a credit card.
Bonnie is just jealous because she wanted to be in the Skimpy Bikini Contest too, but had other more important obligations such as skinny dipping at the public pool for the Chamber of Commerce.
The C of C paid Red One to stay away from the public pool. The mayor was muttering something incoherent...




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