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Okay, here is the rules.  Look a the actors in the movie listed in the last post.  One of those actors was in another movie.  Name that movie.  Example TO KILL A MOCKING BIRD - GREGORY PECK was also in THE GUNS OF NAVARRONE  Pick a different actor in the G of N and name a movie that actor was in.

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Lee Remick

The Long Hot Summer
Paul Newman *sigh*

Cool Hand Luke
Robert De Niro

Minnie Driver

Good Will Hunting
Robin Williams

Dead Poets' Society
Winona Ryder

The Crucible
Renée Zellweger

Bridget Jones' Diary
Hugh Grant

Four Weddings And A Funeral
Andie McDowell

Groundhog Day
Bill Murray

Lost in Translation
Giovanni Ribisi

Saving Private Ryan
Vin Diesel

Pitch Black
(I goofed on the last one,sorry)




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