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Yeh, I heard that. Pensacola, FL has snow. Must be the end times. I don't feel sorry for Quinn. We could have been in Key West but you chicked out. It's all you fault. If you had gone to Key West I would have followed. But no, you let your sister steal our magic moment together. And I ain't coming to Philly. No matter how much you beg. It's Key West or nothing.
i saw a spider in the bathroom this morning, yuck!
Spiders are your friends, as long as you don't, you know, try to hang out with them or anything.
Some weird guy tried to hang out in my web this morning. Tore it all to shreds, and I had to start over. Jeez, the nerve.

Looks like a happy guy.
Hooray, Hooray, Yay, Yay. Let's all YELL LOUD TO WELCOME BACK CHEZ!!! and wish her a HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY.
We haven't had a rant in French yet. I can't wait.
J'ai un mal de dents horrible ! ! L'attente du Lortab pour donner un coup de pied dedans, mais a voulu indiquer le jour heureux de Valentines à tout le monde et au dos bienvenu de Chez.
Merci, J Lee et tous les autres.

Mais comment est-ce que tu peux faire une telle violence à la pauvre langue Française?

Voici, ça va comme harangue? It's the best rant I can come up with right now, and JL knows I don't really mean it - I admire his courage in trying, at least!

And I'm sorry you have a toothache, JL. For Valentine's day, here is your own personal Tooth Fairy:

Est-ce qu'ainsi ce traducteur celui pour m'employer me devine, pourrais vous n'est-il pas diriger vers un meilleur traducteur en ligne ? Je n'ai pas un ans pour l'abattage continué d'une si jolie langue. Merci Chez : -)
Thanks for the heads-up Chez. ;-)
Uh, right and un, deaux, trois to you as well.
Möchten Sie besser verstehen, wenn wir sprechen in Deutsch?




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