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My dogs absolutely love this kind of weather, so I like it too. Watching a gigantic jet-black German Shepherd plow through drifts while searching for the ball that he KNOWS is in there is a treat all by itself.
I would enjoy watching that too Snagg, As long as I'm indoors watching through a window.
I think they would be up to it if the weather would warm up. This cold makes them stiff. So by my logic I could do the anti-snow dance when it is warm and we don't need it anymore.
I know what you guys mean about crappy weather. It is overcast, drizzley, and only 65 today. Damn drizzle!!
Serves you right Quinny for abandoning us.
Oh here we go again. Sounds like you and Robbie were pretty close to each other. You poor people stuck in a tropic zone this time of year. Your bodies are going to be all out of whack.
My poor little green laptop died........
It died of a broken hard drive, I knew it was sick but as soon as I paid for the new laptop it gave up.
Now I have to sit on the stupid work computer and I keep getting interrupted with customers. LOL
Hey Larry, How's that heat pump working out for you?
I'm pissed!!! I'm still here in cold(65F) Rainy, Patrick AFB, FL. I'm susposed to be in Key West. I needed to get my RV serviced, so I put off going to Key West last week. Yesterday, I went to the RV place to get the RV serviced.
I'm sitting in the waiting room with Happy "The Dog" when a woman comes in with a cat in a crate. She sees Happy and says "Oh, I'll go sit out at the table in the show room" and leaves. I start reading a book. Happy is laying on the floor beside me and i have his retractable leash in my lap. All at once he growls, jumps up, and takes off. The woman screams. i grab for the leash. Instead of the plastic handle I grab the nylon lead. Before I can let go it has burned through two layes of skin on two fingers. The doctor says 2nd degree burns. Anyway, My chair has turned over, I'm on the floor, The woman is yelling, Happy has over shot the cat and is doing oneof those clawing skidding turns that dogs do on freshly waxed tile floors, one of the workers is trying to get hold of him but I managed to get there and grab his collor with my left hand. We got it all settled down. Everybody said everything was all right. The shop gave me some ointment. The woman put the cat back in the crate. They finished up servicing the RV and I drove back to the RV park left handed. Then went to the doctor, who perscribed silver sulfadiazine 1 cream to apply 3 times a day for 10 days.
Have you ever tried to figure out how to design and apply bandages that you have to remove three times a day when you are right handed and it is your right hand that needs the bandage? So, Anyway I decided to put off trying to get the car hooked to the RV to tow to Key West. The hand did not feel too bad this morning but it was kind of yucky and runny. I called a retired nurse who lives in the area. I went to high school with her. She's a Couger. She's 73 and has a 60 year old boy friend. But, that's a whole nother story. Anyway we figured out how to do the bandage and use a cotton glove over that with a latex glove over that. So I could hook the car to the RV without getting lots of crap in the wound. Then it started to rain. My RV is sitting in a field full of RV's and its like a big mud hole. So, I'm not getting out and crawling around trying to get the RV to the asphalt and then hook up the car. Right now it looks like my window to go to Key West is rapidly closing. Stupid woman, Stupid cat, Stupid Happy, Stupid Robbie, Stupid mud, Stupid Rain. Screw the whole thing. Think I'll just sit here in the mud and drink beer.

Kudos for the best rant ever Robbie. I hate to laugh at misfortune like that but I couldn't help myself. The last image is you sitting in the mud drinking beer.

You should make the catwoman pay your medical bill. I also would have told her to keep her cat corraled since Happy hadn't had his breakfast yet.

At least you're not up here sitting in a foot of snow drinking beer.
Robbie, OUCH!!! Don't know if it will make you feel better, but I plan to drink some beer in sympathy for your hand.
My hand hopes it's the good stuff.




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