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Yep, justice. That's great!
And "cheer"? ROFLMAO
mr snagg - speshly whenever we wuz a'drankin n woodnt hardly shut up n we'd go back n furth, a'fussin n a'fitin over the same groun till we wuz too riled up to kiss innymore
Cuzzin Clod - Ah've warned ya duzzins a'times about them White Litenin'n'anti-freeze cocktails you like tah mix up fer the holidaze...When yer next li'l bastard comes outta the chute lookin' like sumpin' outta "Eraserhead", don' come a'cryin' tah Me, cuz I dun tol' ya not t'do it...
*hack* *wheeze* (SPLAT!)
More like a mop.
Geez Snagg, can you keep those slobbery germs to yourself? Huh? How's about a little consideration for others??
It's more of a "I deposited bodily fluids on some random object. It is therefore now MINE, now and forever" thing.

And, Cal? A sheep? Scolding others about personal hygiene?

That's rich. There's a reason they use you critters in lab studies of depraved sexual habits, ya know.
Well, keep those bodily fluids away from me then. I don't need one more sexual deviant trying to experiment with me! :-p
Excuse me MM. A bad cold can kill a perfectly healthy man.
Are there any of those on tbd? Healthy man, I mean.. I know there are quite a few germs.
How many nickels are in the bag Brine? A quarter's worth, dollar's worth, OMG, it's not like $100.00 worth is it?

Your answer would be the difference between "minor assault" and "assault with intent to kill".

My best friend and I try to get together once a week for lunch. Every week it's the same questions, where and what time. It truly doesn't matter to me, years ago I learned after making suggestions that he balked at, to always leave it up to him. It's why we remain good friends.




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