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This is the place to vent your frustrations.  Have at it!!

Post your rant here.

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People, people, people...What the hell is going on here?
Someone explain it to Quinn. Last time I did she went all psycho on me.
Get a room (:>)
I slept well. The coffee was ready when I came downstairs. The puppy went outside and did her "business" right away. it isn't raining (yet) and I'm finished work at noon today.

I have nothing to rant about this morning.
[making rude raspberry noises at Quinn]

Well I do, the coffee just arrived at my bedside and I slept horribly due to a snorer who removed his c-pap mask.
Oh yeah Crystal? Who brought you your coffee in bed, I believe it was the snorer.
LMAO. I forgot something in the garage. BRB
Good for you for taking the time to let it out. I'm not good at whipping, but I can be your cheerleader. (I'll even wear the skirt if you ask nicely.) You do a lot for people, and your heart is as big as the sky. I'm so happy to count you among my friends. If misunderstandings happen, they are temporary. Everyone knows how generous and kind you are. Take a breath. Look at something beautiful. Know that you are loved.

Oops. I forgot to rant and rave. Hmmm. Nope, can't do it. Sorry.
Yeah Kate, what DD said. Commando! YIPPEE!
I'm sending you a buddy poke DD. I hope it helps.
MYWORD, I can't turn my back on you guys for one moment without a full blown orgy breaking out.........yes, I remembered to bring the green grapes and brie.
Sorry Suzan, I got distracted , it isn't a good idea to turn your back on Mel right now. We might have to talk her down from the hormonal ledge with some Lake Champlain Chocolate....I also recommend New York Super Chunk Fudge or the old stand-by Cherry Garcia. What ever you do , don't watch Lassie or play with firearms........................




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