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I couldn't find it. Let's do it again.

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Nothing for it, Merry, I do it all the time!
Oh, that's from Marianne! Harry Belafonte, or the Kingston Trio... no YT, or you could hear them sing it right - 'sifting'. Yeeks, sipping - that's one dryyyyy martini! Great memory.
Why do I have writer's block? I'm not a writer.
Why does my stomach still hurt 5 days after my bout with a stomach virus?
Sounds like it has a good memory, Pickle.
Thanks for the support.
Why does my furnace keep running with the heat turned down and it being in the 60's outside?
Does anyone else remember singing " we three kings from Orient Ore" at Christmas? Where is Orient Ore? I've loked thru many an Atlas and never found it.
That is because it is a restaurant in Chinatown, NYC-NY. The three kings are actualy the top three chefs!
"It's Monday, so let's all have a good day and may good health and good fortune be with you!"
That's a great thought, back atcha TSD.
Thanks, Larry! That was all the "random" I could muster on such short notice!!! ;->




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