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Larry that is funny except John Smith did not marry Pocahontas. When they met in 1607 or 08 Captain Smith was 27 and Pocahontas was 11or 12 such marriages would have been frowned on even back then. Smith was injured in a fire in the fall of 1608 and returned to England, never to return to America. Poncahontas did marry a settler, John Rolfe, in 1614, became a christain and took the name Rebbecka. She traveled to England with Rolfe in 1616 where she contracted what was probably tuberculosis and died in 1617. The Rolfe's had one son who grew up in Virginia and has many living decendants including Nance Reagan.
The Chicken Dance and very different Funky Chicken where both invented in the 1950's so there would have been no Chicken Dance or Funky Chicken at the Powhattan/Rolfe wedding either.
Actually I was a history teacher with a specialization in early American history.
Smith is best known for his meeting with Pocahontas and his order at Jamestown, "he who will not work nor shall he eat", which didn't really matter because they didn't have anything to eat anyway.
Sorry I got carried away. It is chilly outside and I don't have anything else to do.
I love it when you talk sexy history to Larry.
Thanks Pickle. I do love American History, I love it even more with my own interpretations. I never let facts get in the way of a good story.
Yes, I think Pickle is right about the Funky Chicken dance. It would have more likely been the Funky Turkey in that epoch.
I am thinking today is one of the 10 best days of the year so far.... warm air, sunny skies... spring is finally here, beach weather soon to follow YAHOOOO
I second the YAHOOOO
And I'll add a WOOT!
I've been watching people on the besch and in the water here at alveston for three weeks now. I think they are nuts.
LOL Robbie , I thought you were talking to Pickle, LOL!
please see the quote below me

"I love it when you talk sexy history to Larry."
I think Larry loves it too.




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