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I couldn't find it. Let's do it again.

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In the 50's I lived 3 miles out of town. Most of the time I hitchhiked back and forth. I 1960 I hichhiked from El Paso, Texas to Charleston, WV. That wasn't a whole lot of fun.

Think I'll go over to myatlantis and start setting up house. Just in case.
Hey Larry, Could you impersonate Olivia? This thread is dieing since she left.
You're right Robbie, the thread is doomed without her. If I had her email I would beg her to come back.

There's no way I could impersonate her, she's too witty. Maybe we could get KarenSme to start posting here. Karen's the only one who could fill Olivia's shoes.
WAIT, how do I get to myatlantis?
Merry, I believe there's a link at the new group "TBD Future".
Thanks Larry, speaking of random, I saw a male cardinal in the lilac bush about an hour ago.
I think you take the Staten Island Ferry.
Ever hear how Staten Island got its name.
Henry Hudson was sailing into New York in 1609 on a very foggy day. As he passed the island he looked out and said "Sthat an Island"?
Yep, the cardinals are back here too merry. Too bad the males in the human species aren't the pretty ones.
Topeka , I have found myatlantis! That was easy. OH Larry, I wouldn't want someone who looked better than I do, although my husband is a handsome sort of chap. I'm positive that all the little old ladies he flirts with at the supermarket are plotting my untimely demise . So I haven't been accepting any invites for tea and crumpets.




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