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1. National Health Care Plan
A. teach new parents how to bring up baby.
B. Written based upon a book written by his NHC advisor
C Attempted to have passed without study or input by the House

2. Proposal to allow him to take over the internet
A. only in what he deems is an emergency

3. He has proposed to install federal troops in each state.

4. Talking to school children and setting up learning plans.

5. On television frequently
A. Losing the networks advertising time.

6. Just like third world countries
A. has frequent press conferences
B. On Billboards
C. All the medias
i. Television
ii. Newspapers
iii. Magazines

7. Has been creating Czars to run our business and lives
A. The citizens have no voice in these "leaders" appointments

8. Giving away money just like Hitler did when he got into power.

9. Rumors that he may use the flu pandemic a reason for martial law.
A. There is a proposal that would give the police or Militia right to come
into peoples homes if not fully cooperating with Federal mandates on
flu shots.

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Now that you have made the statements can you, link and attribute each of your accusations? Just back them up with a few facts.
No facts required for speculation. Just be on guard.
Nope, just on our way to paranoia.
("frequent press conferences"? Ulp! Ohh, noooo...Not that)
I will just repeat the great words of Rep. Barney Frank, "on what planet do you spend most of your time?"
I saw one yesterday.

Funes the memories, that looks a lot like my first wife, may she rest in peace.
you have to beware of the images on the side of the Rockerfeller bldg. in Rockerfeller Center. There's a figure beating his sword into a ploughshare. He's beating it with a HAMMER, and the resulting farm inpliment looks like a SCICLE!
How in the world will I ever be able to sleep with that image in my mind.
have you been watching Glenn Beck? brilliant man isn't he. lol
Now I'm going to laugh all night
Westerly_2, I was afraid of this. The sky is falling, the sky is falling!




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