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Has anyone but me noticed the change in the ads to the right? I think they have forgotten that we are a senior site.

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I think you're right pickle. lol

I know the ads are automatically based on certain words that are gathered from our posts.
Right now....as I write...-------------> "Dating for Seniors"
Before I posted..........Big Tattas in Tight clothes.....*scratching blond head...what to do....another decision....*
I think they figured out that they had the wrong ads. The ones now are more appropriate but not as much fun to look at.
Probably something I said
They're back!!!!!!!!!!!!
I cannot read mine right now. It is written in Spanish.
Now 1Great, as to this "dating for seniors" ad.....I'm a senior.....why don't I look wholesome like those seniors?
LMAO! I'm seeing one right now that asserts that "we delete members unfit to date"! I wonder if they put a small mirror under the nostrils of the accused.....if a fog shows on the mirror.......OK, you pass, you can stay in the group!
Oh boy, all I have to do is...... 'click here to shop' at the "GreatGlam clothes store. Looks like just what I wear every day.

Show us what you buy there, RRC, would ya?

Here ya go Gary....what do you think, should I buy it??
That'll work! LOL!




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