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As my beliefs seem to be socially unacceptable and extremely politically incorrect...I have taken the first step in a 12 step program....admitting my problem.

Anybody know what the second step is? Should I take up smoking and coffee drinking to compensate?

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Thank you :-)
Yeah Hu, happy belated birthday. Good to see you back here. Yeah, let's get some real coffee at Starbuck's and then go to a city park and polute the air with cigarette smoke.
Step #3 Refrain from passing gas.
Step 2: Open your mind and really ponder on scientific readings. (he, he, he. I like that word ponder.)
Thank you Hu, Im a denier too... But it's really not a problem, I am only here because the court sent me..... I've got some Pall Mall Reds in my glove box .......... The coffee's not too good but it's hot ..............
The second step would be to look at some real science and maybe a few pictures of melting ice caps and glaciers in every mountain range on earth.
Pictures, I like pictures . . .
Join the Flat Earth Society and learn to breathe methane. Personally, I think anyone who ties the destruction of life forms, the pollution of oceans, and the desertification of ecosystems to 'politics' has the brain power of a pancake.
The tea parties are happening in Copenhagen.

Hi HU, You've been missed. I like to mingle with deniers once in a while. It gives me fresh perspective about why the human race is headed for extinction. For starters, I would suggest that you strictly avoid anyone who considers Starbucks "Good" coffee. Secondly, you might explain what it is about Global Warming that you deny.
Do you deny that it exists? On what grounds? Or is it that you disagree with what I say is causing it? On what grounds?
I guess that would cover step two.
Oh! I would decline Jack Z's offer of Pall Mall Reds. I smoked them for years and they didn't seem to have helped much with my early death wish. I do believe Hand Rolled Prince Albert would be a better choice.
I think "Global Warming" is a real thing, just like pollution is not good for mankind or any living thing.
I believe that to some degree, we can try to make Earth better for our children and their children.

Or just sit here, pollute, dump waste everywhere and live like we were never human.

I rather believe that life is to be cherished. All forms of life.
Hi Sme. You've also been missed. Are you Stalking HU?




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