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I love movies! I go as often as possible and I love to hear opinions about the movies out there and your recommendations! I hope you join this discussion to leave an occasional comment about the last movie you saw or one you hope to see. Thumbs up or down? Let us know so we don't waste our time or money! Or we can fight about the film! All is fun.
I am talking about current popular movies showing at the theater...

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How do I invite people to join my discussion?

The End.

Sorry Karen, I was watching a movie.
AFB which one of which
I don't watch many movies, but I did see "Little Miss Sunshine" last week. Funny movie.
I recently saw a French film "I’ve Loved You So Long". A woman, released from prison after a 15-year sentence for killing her 6 year old son, moves in with her younger sister who was never told of the crime. Story focuses on themes of renewal and hope.
Caleb took me to see "Tyler Perry's, I Can be Bad All By Myself" last week. Typical Tyler Perry some very funny parts and most of it was serious stuff. The part where Medea tells Bible stories is one of the funniest things I have seen in a long time.
jus saw deliverunts n i wood be laffin my hed off lack i knew whut twuz all about
That's the 20th time you've watched deliverunts Clod. Try something different like Snowhite.
Clod, I think you'd enjoy steel magnolias.
Can't remember what I last saw in the theater. I belong to netflix and we just got done watching Gran Torino. I liked it.
Went to "Night at the Museum 2" last week at the dollar movies...Really glad I only paid a buck. Amy Adams is a cutie as Amelia Earhart though.
Good, justme, I will skip "500 Days of Summer." I was going to see it this weekend. I just saw Matt Damon in "The Informant," yesterday. I loved it. I was surprised how packed the theater was. I guess Matt Damon draws a big crowd? In any event it is based on a true story about an executive in the corn industry who turns whistleblower, exposing his company's price-fixing consipiracy to the FBI - believing he is a hero --and deserving of a promotion for his efforts.
The story was good and Matt Damon drew me in.




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