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I'd like to invite all of you to dinner tomorrow evening!

Dinner is at Dazzling Diana's and Slayer Dug's. I hope I'm not overstepping my boundries too much, they don't know you'll be coming yet. I think I know them well enough by now to know they'd love to have you all, TSD will just make more.


We'll be on the road all day. I hope I can get online at the hotel tonight to check the RSVPs.


Have a great day!

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Please keep the salsa off the carpet D D. Enjoy the party. rt and blondie won't be there however, they're in our local lockup.
Where's the nearest airport that can handle a Gulfstream?
Long way away 1GL.
RDU - 15 minutes away! G4 or G5???!!
Circling G5
Youngstown sg, it's about 8 miles from my house. There's no ground transportation however, you'll have to walk. Cut through the woods, there's only about 20 inches of snow.
We're here, we got in about 8:30pm. Kittycat's on the phone with Daz and TSD now. I don't know if I'll reply to anything tonight, kinda tired. Our hotel's about 7 miles from Daz and TSD according to Google Earth. See you all at dinner, those who can make it.
BIG FUN is on the horizon!!! Rest well, Larry and Kitty! The rest of you have a great weekend and...if you can't be good, be good at it!!! *wink* *wink* ;->
Yes they are safe and cozy and tired! /;-D I'm still trying to get carpet cleaner out of my hair and I must say the inside of my nose has never been cleaner.

The carpet you ask? Not so much!

All who still intend to attend - please BYOB! Plenty of food and we can set up tents in the back yard - it's going to be a warm and lovely day tomorrow!
I'll be waiting in Tampa. Don't let TSD drink all the Bitters!
Whimper. Now she tells me!
Have fun? You're not going to be there? Need the address?




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