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I'd like to invite all of you to dinner tomorrow evening!

Dinner is at Dazzling Diana's and Slayer Dug's. I hope I'm not overstepping my boundries too much, they don't know you'll be coming yet. I think I know them well enough by now to know they'd love to have you all, TSD will just make more.


We'll be on the road all day. I hope I can get online at the hotel tonight to check the RSVPs.


Have a great day!

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I'll be there! I know I have a standing invitation.

Hmmm. Shall I bring some local wine? Perhaps this would be an appropriate choice:

*Translation: "drunken nights"*
Yes we do K! But we still rinse the dishes before we stack (it's an older dishwasher ;) !

Now - would you mind dusting ( I hate dusting - boring) whilst I Hoover? (I like to vacuum - instant gratification. ) The carpet needs a steam clean but it's still winter and TSD will not take off his boots until he reaches his bedroom - so carpet sort of yucky - do you think they will mind? I'll ply them with drinks and they will never notice!!!

*Pouting you are not visiting too sweetness. never mind. We will figure something out. xox*

Okay - getting excited here and I have a lot still to do - been lazy for a while so now must get going and do !
Oh yes please! Chez how lovely ! Of course you have a standing invite - as you well know! No hotel for you that's for sure!

Come one come all!
What a wonderful idea! I have two extra bedrooms, and a very comfy sofa ! Plenty of food too!
Larry I sure hope you don't expect me to make dinner when you come through here. We can hit some of the greasy spoons where Caleb and I dine so often.
Hahahaha I so love to entertain at home - I think it's a cultural thing. I like to have my guests be a very captive audience!
Note to self: Be sure and visit pickleallen some day and dine at those greasy spoons! Yum!

I hope Larry can write some reviews on these places of which pickle speaks!
Well, PA. I was expecting a home cooked meal from you, TN style. Any greasy spoon good enough for you and Caleb is good enough for me, I can't speak for Kittycat though.
Larry - please call us when you get into town and settled!
My RSVP is in the mail.
Thanks for the invite, but I can't attend, Larry - I've been invited to a party at your house at the Q&A. I'm bringing salsa.
D.D.! Whatever are you talking about?
Good heavens who would have a party at the Kremises without them? Indeed!
Oh, hhemm, me.LOL




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