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I have a 9 pound spiral ham that has been in my refrigator since christmas. I was looking at the expiration dates as I was throwing stuff out  today as tomorrow is garbage day. It is still good until the 31st of this month. What would you do with it???? I will not have any guest until  April!!!

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I would like mine on good bread with tomato, lettuce and mayo. Please cut it into triangles if you don't mind.
Why? Are you a member of the Trilteral Commision?
Sorry, I was cruising the political threads yesterday.
Hahahahaha! TSD has to see this LOL!
I am the leader of the whatever that is.
Start making those ham sandwiches!

Maybe invite the neighbors over for some?
Time to get yo' ham bone on.....!!!!

Buzzards (vultures) do not like them frozen. I learned that the hard way. Be kind to buzzards thaw it out first.
Cmon, let's all go over to blondie's for ham sandwiches and beer.
I'll bring the mashed potatoes 1GL. You bring the dinner rolls. Larry'll go and pick up the beer. Look out Blondie, here we come.... :)
Expiration dates are for sissys.
...and knowledge is for fools...
Cured ham will last forever, unrefrigerated.
I've often washed the green mold off one and eaten it.
When I was a child my grandparents had a smokehouse, the cured meat would hang all year in it. We only had a hog killing once a year, usually in the fall after the weather cooled off. They always killed several hogs that day. Everybody, came to help, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, neighbors. Hog killing day was big event and lots of fun for us kids. The men would blow up the bladder, tie it off, and give it to us to play with. They are very tough and we would use like a ball and kick it around all day, kept us out from underfoot. My Aunt Ruth would render the lard in a big cast iron pot on a wood fire, out in the yard. She would give us the cracklins when they floated to the top. When the lard was rendered the heads would be boiled to make head cheese (souse meat). I can remember the women sitting around a # 3 washtub stripping the chitlins. Never liked chitlins, they stink when you boil them.
There was a story in the newspaper here (Alabama) a while back about a man who bought a ham when his daughter was born and ate it when she got married ( 22 or 23 years later). I've kept them for a couple of years myself. If anything they just get better. You just scrape or brush the mold off. I put them in the sink and run water over it while brushing the mold off. My favorite breakfast is cured ham with redeye gravy and catheads. Damn! now I'm drooling...think I'll go make some now.




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